I will appreciate if autonomy is granted to all the local governments – Adetoro Adebowale, Leader Ikeja Legislative Council

Hon Adetoro Adebowale, Leader Ikeja Legislative Council




On Wednesday afternoon 2.30 pm precisely I was ushered into the office of Hon. Adetoro Adebowale the Leader Ikeja Legislative Council.  The 2 term councilor for Seriki-Aro ward in Ikeja Local Government Council was elated to see me for the Facing Facts the Lagos Panorama interview segment on the sustainable development at the grassroots.

In this interview ‘Kimito’ as he is fondly called in the Ikeja political circle bears his mind on issues of oversight functions of the grassroots legislations, autonomy of Local Government administration and other sustainable development activities in Ikeja Local Government.

Enjoy excerpt from the interview;

Lagos Panorama: Kindly introduce yourself to our readers with a special mention of your political antecedence?

Hon Adetoro Adebowale: My name is Honourable Adetoro Adebowale, the Leader of the council Ikeja Local Government.

How would you describe your experience in the Ikeja Legislative Council since joined in the grassroots legislative duties? 

This is my second term in office, last dispensation I was the deputy leader of the council and now I am the leader. Well there have been challenges but with the grace of GOD we have been able to pull through. At the last dispensation we the councilors worked together as a team likewise now. So the grassroots legislative business was made easy because of the cordial relationship among us the councilors.

As the Leader Ikeja Legislative council how would you describe your relationship with the Executive Chairman Ikeja Local Government Council?

Our relationship is good and cordial. However we do our checks and balance, scrutinize all necessary documents that we need to and do all the oversites and all other needful expected from us as legislatures. We invites any member of the executive when necessary to probably answer questions or for explanation purposes.

What’s your take on the autonomy of Local Government administration?

I will appreciate if the local government administration can enjoy autonomy, because it will enable the local government to have its allocation directly and it will help increase income to do more developmental projects at the grassroots level. So I will appreciate if autonomy is granted to all the local governments.

This being 2018 year-end, what are the positive signposts of your legislative contributions to your constituents and what are your planned contributions to them?

Yes the fact that as a councilor we don’t construct roads or executes projects but within a short while I have facilitated the reconstruction of about 5 roads within my ward in this dispensation. We have reconstructed Kofoworola crescent, Itohan, Reginal Coker streets, Modupe and ongoing construction of drainage inside WEMABOD Estate, end of Olorunimbe Street.

I hope to see the chairman for developmental projects so that by next year we improve on what we did this year.

I am sure you’ve done one or two project(s) since you resumed office. Please can you mention them?

Last dispensation I personally sponsored the construction of a borehole at Ajasa street and I am still maintaining it to date. I also refurbished the borehole at Afariogun street and maintain it to date functioning well.

By God’s grace next year I hope to do another landmark projects within my ward depending of their need.

Finally what is your advice for aspiring youths for political position or even hoping to setup their own private business considering the state of the economy today?

For me my sincere opinion to those coming into politics is to shun thuggery. Thuggery will only put you into trouble. Jumping from one aspirants or candidates to another is not the best for them rather they should get something positive to do. There is programme coming up where the local government will be empowering some youths, within my own constituency I will try as much as possible to involve as much as numbers of youths willing from my ward. For those hoping to startup their own business such as tailoring, vulgarizer, hairdresser and others this programme will enable them key in.

Honorable Adebowale, it’s nice talking to you (Handshake).

Thank you Lagos Panorama for having me!




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